Knit 1.2.3


The latest Issue of Knit 1-2-3 is out and this time my article is on openwork stitches called Drop It Like It’s Hot! There are 3 beautiful easy-peasy scarves to knit up this summer in fun light colors (click on pictures to view them larger).

5-15K_00012_medium2 5-14K_00009_medium2 5-13K_00005_medium2

Knitting continues on the sweater due this weekend for my niece’s communion… it’s a good thing I am loving this yarn because this beast is taking forever! Yesterday I was able to bind off the body, finish the collar and start the first pocket. Today I need to finish the pockets AND get a great head start on the sleeve…. let’s keep our fingers crossed that this will be a long sleeve sweater and not a short-sleeved one! I need to have it finished by Friday because I need to block it!!!!


Work also continues on a new project for Tahki Stacy Charles that involves my kids…. stay tuned!!


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