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I was so pleased to be asked to review a Crochet book for Stackpole Books… Little did poor Heather (from Stackpole) realize whom she was speaking with! The book in review is Call Crochet Wraps Every Which Way by a little known lady in my life Tammy Hildebrand.

Do you all know how I feel about Tammy? Have you read in past blog posts and thru twitter and Facebook how much I love this woman? Did you know that she basically gave me my professional design career on a platter one year at CGOA’s Chain LInk when I was a little bitty brand new designer and she introduced me to all the heavy hitters in the industry?

IMG_0291 IMG_5451

Well, now you do… she even sort of named the book after me… we always share a room when we attend conferences together. One time we were joking around and called each other ‘conference wives’, it was shortened to CW and so you see how she named the book after me right? CW…Crochet Wraps…Moving along.

What I would like to say about the book is that the projects are so beautiful, so perfectly balanced between yarn and technique – oh, and you get to learn 6 techniques people… S.I.X. – the photography is great (love that outdoor lighting) And the model is adorable (I love the difference between her sophisticated model ‘look’ and her smile. There is a picture of her on pg.49 where she is so genuinely laughing – I love that picture!)

Here’s a story, one day I was hanging out with Tammy and I asked her how in the world she comes up with these beautiful designs… like how does she do it? She just looked at me and said, “They just come.. I know that my designs are a gift from God because I simply cannot explain this gift I have.” Me? Not so lucky in my design career. I fought like h-e-double hockey sticks for every design out there with my name on it! Laboring over hours of maybe this will work stitching only to rip it out to start again.. Oh! Back to Tammy’s book.

I love the tutorials in the back with the photos of each technique. I love each technique. I am a hairpin junkie these days and I love that section! Broomstick lace, tunisian crochet, join-as-you-go and double-ended are all wonderful techniques carefully explained, expertly photographed and artfully displayed in a beginner, intermediate and advanced project.

Here is some eye candy to get you to want to run, run out and buy this gem of a book from and even better human:

pineapple Waiting_for_Willow motif shawl B2._Purple_Passion


Guess what? You could win a copy Yourself!!! Write a comment and one lucky winner will win a copy of the amazing crochet book! Winner will be announced Next Monday, so you all have time to write your names and everyone coming from other bloggers… Welcome and put your name in as well!

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  1. Emilia Carvalho says:

    I need to get this Book ! It looks amazing ! Congrats

  2. Emilia Carvalho says:

    Congrats !will be getting this book

  3. Alexis Pojafsky says:

    I already have the yarn for “water lily” – bought it at the crochet/knit conference in Concord last October. Now all I need is the book!

  4. Kathy Gentry says:

    Absolutely fabulous will have to order this book.

  5. anne mitchem says:

    Beautiful! Just Beautiful. Can’t wait to give some of these a try. :)

  6. Robin Comfort says:

    I was excited to see some of the designs in this book. It will SO like living at my house!

  7. Angie Bumgarner says:

    These are beautiful. I really love the top picture

  8. Julie Papagni says:

    I have made several wraps… All rectangular. A goal of expanding my Crochet horizons this year, I would love to make one of these amazing wraps. Fingers crossed!

  9. Teresa Biddy says:

    I love wraps! I would love to win this book and learn new techniques as I make these beautiful designs.

  10. Alecia Flaherty says:

    Love those gorgeous pics. I do want to run out and grab this book.

  11. Rashidah Binti Yaacob says:

    l really love the pattern. Where can I get this book?

  12. Es la primera vez que tengo contacto con ustedes ,todo que tenga relación con el ganchillo me interesa soy una apasionada,ojala lo consiga .Gracias.

  13. Sandra Allen says:

    Beautiful Wraps…brilliant looking designs…I would love to read this book…and use it.

  14. Tara says:

    You have gotten my attention!

  15. Deanne Short says:

    I’m still in the learning stages when it comes to anything other than simple stitches and this book looks amazing!

  16. [...] on its book tour (stopping here on this blog on the 24th!) with great posts in particular over on @hookedonknitting and Not Your Granny’s [...]

  17. Vickie says:

    These wraps are gorgeous! Not only do I love to crochet them for myself, I make them for our Prayer Shawl Ministry. This book would be a valuable resource to me.

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