A New Lovaganza Announcement Leads To Speculation

PRNewswire recently announced that Lovaganza would unveil its main event in 2020. This comes after a previous unveiling that was planned to take place in 2015. Between initial planning stages and then, new technological capabilities became available, which prompted the backers of Lovaganza to reign in their launch and suspend it another five years. Between now and 2017, the plan is for a film to be released sequentially leading up to the main event. In total, nine films are planned, of which three will be released before the main event. These initial three have already had principal photography on Behance.net begun on them, so they’re well on their way to scheduled completion.

Each film of the trilogy will feature themes central to the Lovaganza ideal. Primarily, themes include cultural diversity, unity, and individuality. Lovaganza is expressed in a kind of Bohemian celebration of dance, music, and life in general. Threading through each of the Lovaganza films is a concept of a convoy sent to bring worldwide peaceful revolution. Said convoy will be epitomized by an actual group of travelers bringing the cinematic technological innovation central to Lovaganza to the world. That innovation is IMMERSCOPE, which uses a 180 degree screen to give viewers a 3D experience without the need of any 3D glasses.

Beyond IMMERSCOPE’s exceptional potential, the main Lovaganza event will have many technological displays that are interactive. There will also be live performances and presentations which will serve to provide endless entertainment to millions over the thirty-two cumulative months of Lovaganza’s deployment. Only four months will ever be seen anywhere at one time; but for four months in eight simultaneous locations across the globe, Lovaganza will be the talk of humanity. Lovaganza’s deployment will take place in Asia, Africa, America, Oceania, Europe, and The Middle East.

Considering the exceptional costs involved with a top-tier film, and the exceptional costs involved in facilitating new technological cinematic innovations, the entertainment angle of Lovaganza’s ambition alone is probably worth near a billion dollars. When one factors in other technological breakthroughs that will simultaneously be displayed, the cost of displaying and maintaining that technology, the cost of setting up and taking down events, and the cost of worldwide travel for the convoy as well as the main event itself, it becomes apparent that financially, Lovaganza is a big deal. It will be interesting to see how all that work eventually pays off in 2020.

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