Lime Crime is one of the fastest growing cosmetics companies in the world today. In fact, to many people Lime Crime isn’t only a company, it’s a movement. The company has taken the cosmetics industry by storm with its brightly colored handmade products that help people to better express themselves through their makeup choices. In the past, many companies created bland colored makeup designed to help people blend in. The bright colors in the Lime Crime cosmetics line make people stand out. It is statement makeup that’s fun to wear and helps people create looks that make them unforgettable. The founder of Lime Crime cosmeticsRead More →

Philip Diehl is the president of the U.S. Money Reserve and is also the former U.S. Mint Director. He has been on a show with Eric Dye for Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio to discuss his leadership background, the U.S. Money Reserve’s high customer service and the future of the gold market. The show is a platform where small business owners and top executives share their latest creations, services, experiences and strategies. Diehl is one of the most accomplished U.S. Mint Directors. He is the one responsible for 50 States Quarter program together with the minting of the first-ever U.S. government-issued platinum coin. He isRead More →

Taking care of your pet is a life long commitment so as soon as you invite a dog into your home you better be ready to treat it like a member of the family. This means all of the obvious things: you need to treat your dog with love and care while also giving it the kind of diet that leads to a long and healthy life. Most folks walk down the dog food aisle of their local grocery store or pet store and they let their eyes glaze over the different products. All of these foods are probably the same right? Not really. WeRead More →

For anyone who runs a business that is just starting out, they know how hard it is to make your presence known online. There are so many business who have the edge already and have their names out there. It can feel impossible to break through and be seen. Luckily there is someone out there who is helping the little guys, they have an ally in White Shark Media Complaints. According to the White Shark Media website they help out small to medium size businesses by using The Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner Program. If you don’t have time to promote your business then thisRead More →

Waterfalls are one of nature’s biggest wonders. Extreme sports enthusiast David Osio love to stand at the edge of a waterfall and look down to see beautiful water falling into a river or lake. There are many beautiful waterfalls in the world, but the highest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls in Venezuela. Angel Falls is the world’s tallest waterfall at 3,212 feet tall, and it is as impressive as it sounds. The waterfall emerges from the side of a rock faced cliff and then falls three quarters of a mile down. The moisture created by the water permeates the air creates a thickRead More →

When people are trying the develop an adequate moisture system for dry and brittle hair, they often seek styling techniques to avoid damaging effects and rebuild the health of the hair. Many women on twitter are unaware that styling techniques can contribute greatly to the moisture retention of hair. Certain styling methods and practices can be extremely harmful and detrimental to the health of hair. These practices can actually cause moisture to leave the hair and result in damaged hair and intense breakage. Alternatively, there are also certain hairstyles that benefit the health of the hair and cause the hair to retain moisture and length.Read More →

George Soros warns that the European Union may collapse if they do not come together to create a well-funded unified asylum soon. He says that the plan should include support for countries where refugees are currently located and incentives for other governments to take some of the refugees. Furthermore, it should contain an overall funding strategy on as opposed to countries scraping together a little funding every year. He says that this additional funding could be found through issuing stocks and paying investors off through value-added devices. The billionaire investor who manages the George Soros Management Fund says that he has all the personalRead More →

While more than enough people are starting to see returns rising in the current economic market, the fact of the matter according to a report is there isn’t exactly any given strategy that comes without risk. When people look for a potential investment strategy, the first sign of risk starts to bring back memories of the great recession in the last decade. It’s alright to be scared, but it is also something that could be holding your investments back. That’s exactly why you have to be cautious of where you are going to go with respect to investments, but you also have to beRead More →

Igor Cornelsen has become one of the most masterful planners when it comes to investing. He has given many people all of the keys to success they need to prepare for their financial future of investing. I have taken his tips into my life and I have found that many of the things that he says are just common sense tips. The trouble is that most investors don’t use common sense when it comes to saving for their retirement. Many people would rather depend on a financial consultant, but Igor has given me the ability to do this on my own. Cornelsen is an investorRead More →

George Soros is well known as the man who broke the British pound, and profited $1 billion at the same time. He’s also known for spending millions upon millions during a presidential election cycle. Now, according to an article recently published on The Political Insider, he’s breaking his donation pattern this election season. Almost everyone is aware of the donations that George Soros made to Hillary Clinton’s Political Action Committee (or PAC) in 2015. He made two separate donations that added up to $8 million. In 2012, he only spent $1 million to support his chosen candidate – Barack Obama, whom he supported in 2008Read More →