Norka Luque is a young Venezuelan artist who came against all odds to pursue her passion in singing. Her career journey has not been easy since she had to juggle both education and singing at the same time. The challenges she experienced on her way up did not stop her from pursuing her dreams and aspirations as she worked tirelessly to become a world-renowned star. Norka’s story has served as an inspiration to many upcoming musicians and motivated her fans with a stream of positivity, particularly to those who might feel like giving up on the way. Norka Luque pursued Business Administration in France whereRead More →

Stephen Murray spent most of his adult life working with CCMP Capital. From the time he graduated from with his degree in Economics from Boston College in 1984 until his untimely death in 2015, Murray was with the private equity firm. It’s there he refined the skills that made him a well-respected private equity executive. Murray also gave a great deal to the company and helped them to grow into a global powerhouse. For many people Stephen Murray and CCMP will always be inextricably linked. Together Murray and CCMP Capital had a level of symbiosis that is rare in modern business. The relationship between StephenRead More →

With America’s election heating up between two polarizing figures in American politics, it’s nice to see that some people are still giving attention to parts of the world that are in even direr shape. Thor Havlorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, has been protesting, and bringing to light, the actions of dictators on the world stage for over a decade. To understand Havlorssen’s disdain for dictators and finely tuned anti-authoritarian attitude, it’s important to go back through his roots. His Norwegian grandfather worked as a consul for Norway in Venezuela during World War II, helping to divert shipping to the country when hisRead More →

WEN by Chaz is safe to use daily and they have proven results that have been documented on the Bustle website by an actual online user. This young lady noticed that her hair was thinning and she needed some for the fraction of the cost of pricey salons or bottle genies that don’t work. Once she saw the infomercial for the Wen by Chaz product she knew it was something that she had to try for herself and purchased the product securely online on Amazon. Each product has the usage properly listed on the outside of the bottle so you’ll get the recommended usage eachRead More →

When you talk about Adam Goldenberg, you are talking about a man that has always been able to see things that others just don’t see. It is almost like he has this sixth sense inside of him that allows him to notice things that others might miss out on. In life, a lot of people have their head in the clouds and they don’t see what is right in front of them. I don’t fault them for that. Perhaps they have a lot on their mind and a lot going on within them. They are distracted by other things and they don’t see the bigRead More →

  Reverse SEO is a strategy that is utilized by online reputation management firms to bury negative review on search engines such as Google and other search engines. Reverse SEO consist of the performance of positive SEO on web pages listing directly beneath a negative search result. If you need to suppress negative results about your brand on the website search results using the reverse SEO, here are the things that you must do to start your process. Build an online account that you can control and use to improve your online reputation In addition to promotion of your website pages directly underneath the undesirableRead More →

Status Labs is one of the leading online reputation management companies in the world. The company is respected because of its ability to effectively engage different audiences with the compelling content in order to drive participation and sales. The company increases the digital footprint of a brand and also defends the image of different institutions. The company is headquartered in Austin, and it has other offices in Sao Paulo and New York City. The institution serves clients from more than thirty five nations in the world. Last year, Status Labs suffered an online reputation crisis. The institution was dragged in to the mess by someRead More →

There is a new communications service that is available and it is giving mobile users the savings that most cell and smart phone users want. FreedomPop offers customers a valuable service for only $20 per month. The FreedomPop service gives customers the option of being able to communicate through their mobile devices limitlessly. People can call or text using the FreedomPop service. The service utilizes Sprint’s network to give customers the ultimate communications experience. FreedomPop was founded in 2011 and from the start it has been back by a co-founder of the internet based communications company SKYPE. Customers have the option of purchasing aRead More →

One of the most well respected families in the United States is the DeVos family for not only their hard work, but also for their considerable donations that have given back to the communities around the United States. The DeVos family is the founder of Amway Corporation, a family-owned business that is currently growing faster than ever in other countries around the world. Of the DeVos family, one of the most influential members is Dick DeVos, a businessman and entrepreneur. As a member of this family, Dick DeVos has been helping his family’s company even at a young age. Dick DeVos, has since then climbedRead More →

For many years the main ways people made new friends or met potential partners was through friends, school, work, social gatherings or places like bars. In today’s technological era there are also thousands of apps and websites that offer people the ability to meet potential partners and many social media apps that let people meet new friends but none of them are like Skout. Skout gives you the ability to connect on your terms, based on your preferences, at your convenience from anywhere you have an internet connection! The best part, you are not limited to just people at your work or school. You areRead More →